What does financial wellness mean to you?

At MakingChange, we understand that financial wellness can mean different things to different people.

Knowing you can
comfortably pay all
of your bills

Having a plan
for reducing
your debt

Achieving a
better credit

Renting a larger
apartment or
buying a home

Catching up on
state and federal
taxes owed

Making a path to
affording a large

Achieve your Goals - MakingChange

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Goals?

MakingChange is a Howard County-based nonprofit that provides free one-on-one financial counseling to individuals, as well as customized financial education in group settings through our partnerships with local employers, community organizations and governmental agencies. Learn more about our services below.

Personal Financial Counseling - MakingChange

Personal Financial Counseling

We work with our clients in many ways. It can be a single meeting to create a budget or to get answers to common questions, or several meetings as you work toward a longer-term goal like rebuilding your credit or saving for a home. Sometimes clients are facing a sudden financial crisis. We provide free guidance for getting them back on their feet, along with referrals to other organizations that can help.

Housing Counseling - MakingChange

Housing Counseling

Housing costs are the heart of your monthly budget and can influence whether you live comfortably or if you come up short each month. Our free individual counseling, webinars and workshops all can help you better afford your housing, move up to a bigger place or even buy your first home. If you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, we can direct you to helpful resources.

Free Tax Prep Assitance - MakingChange

Free Tax Preparation Assistance

If you’re looking for one-on-one help in preparing your taxes and you earn $56,000 or less per year, MakingChange can assist you. Meet with one of our IRS-approved volunteers for easy-to-understand guidance as you gather the documents you need, make the necessary calculations and complete the forms correctly. Did you miss the deadline or do you owe money? We can help with late filings and advising about payment plans, too.

Group Seminars and Webinars - MakingChange

Group Seminars and Webinars

This is group-based financial education designed specifically for organizations and businesses as a benefit to their members or employees. Topics can include building a budget, improving credit, home buying, planning for retirement and more. Our staff customizes every presentation or series to meet the most relevant needs and interests of your group.