Jasmine S. Brewer

Executive Director

A native of Chicago, Jasmine Brewer has worked in Community and Economic Development for nearly the last 15 years developing affordable housing plans, executing strategic plans for nonprofits and directly helping individuals and families reach their goals through Housing Counseling. Ms. Brewer transitioned to the DMV area in 2015 to bring her experience to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition working in the Community Development department with the NCRC Housing Rehab Fund and later with their national HUD intermediary arm – the Housing Counseling Network. Most notable in both of these roles is that Ms. Brewer played a vital role not only to secure an increased level of funding but also increased the visibility of the organizations and programs. This kind of activity was critical in both the maintenance of existing partnerships as well as the development of new partnerships.

Ms. Brewer brings her experience bringing strategic and creative strategies to connect low-to-moderate income communities with resources that aid in the growth and sustainability for clients. During the height of the foreclosure crisis, Ms. Brewer not only aided troubled borrowers facing foreclosure to stay in their homes, she also negotiated nearly $2 million in loan modifications. She has coupled this kind of hands-on experience with her training to provide comprehensive plans to other nonprofits as they continue to develop their programming and diversity funding. With a well-documented track record in the management and oversight of nonprofit organizations and a passion to empower individuals and families to achieve financial stability, Ms. Brewer’s vision to grow the programs of MakingChange will be an important benefit to the residents of Howard County.

Ms. Brewer holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning & Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

DurShawn Robinson

Financial Counseling Educator

DurShawn Robinson, a native of Washington, DC with 25 years of experience in the administrative/financial field in the Federal Government. Mrs. Robinson hasa strong interest in assisting individuals in mastering the challenges of personal finance, which attracted her to MakingChange. Working principally with people in the DMV communities from her local assembly, Prince Georges Community College and from referrals, she has provided financial counseling and education services to over 250 people since 2013 and has witness their success in becoming debt free, mortgage free and financially at peace. She has a passion to empower individuals and families to achieve financial stability,

As a MakingChange part-time employee, she serves as the Financial Counselor/Education Manager with a focus on a range of financial topics. Her primary duties include group education presenting innovative and interactive classes and workshops to establish and promote financial literacy and good financial behavior and habits. She has over seven (7) years of experience within financial coaching/educating and is highly respected by clients, government, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. Mrs. DurShawn Robinson is a candidate for her AFCPE® counseling, coaching, and CFP® certification. She holds a Certificate in Financial Planning Education from Kaplan University, an Associate degree in IT Networking from NOVA Community College a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Averett University and is a certified John Maxwell Trainer (JMT) speaker, trainer, and coach.

LaJuan Thomas

Housing Counseling

LaJuan Thomas is a native of Baltimore, MD with 22 years of experience in the administrative/board liaison field in Non-Profit. Ms. Thomas has a passion for assisting individuals with life challenges.  Her passion for assisting people and having 11 years of experience with financial counseling and group education is what attracted her to MakingChange.  Since 2011, she has provided services to over 3,500 people in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Witnessing individuals overcome financial goals through their determination to change spending patterns wheeled Ms. Thomas in more and more.  Her motivation comes from the testimonies of her clients.

As a MakingChange part-time employee, she serves as the Housing Counselor with a focus to deliver effective one-on-one financial counseling as well as group education on a range of topics. Her primary duties include delivery of pre-purchase, rental group education and one-on-one counseling.  Many of her client’s feedback states that she “kept it real” and was creative in assisting them stay on track with accomplishing their goal/goals.  Ms. LaJuan Thomas holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration from American National University.  She is a HUD Certified Housing Counselor and has certifications for coaching, public speaking and home buyer education.

Alexus Halford

Intern of Special Projects

Alexus Halford, from Columbia, Maryland, is currently a senior at Wilde Lake High School. She has also been a student in the Academy of Finance at the Applications and Research Laboratory for two years where she has learned about the fundamentals of accounting, financial planning, and entrepreneurship. Alexus has an interest in personal finance as well as helping others achieve their goals which encouraged her to apply for an internship with MakingChange. Alexus is a member of four honor societies including the National Honor Society. She uses these service-based societies to grow her communication skills, adaptability, and open-mindedness. 

Alexus plans to go to college for a Master’s in Business Administration and become a Financial Advisor to help people in her community achieve financial independence. As an intern for MakingChange, she will gain experience and knowledge on the process of making a detailed plan to meet the client’s goals, how a non-profit organization runs, and the importance of collaboration. Alexus plans to use her logical reasoning and creativity to aid with the development of content for the organization.

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