LaJuan Thomas

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LaJuan Thomas is a native of Baltimore, MD with 22 years of experience in the Non-Profit field. Ms. Thomas has a passion for assisting individuals with life challenges. Her passion for assisting people and having 12 years of experience with financial counseling and group education is what attracted her to MakingChange. Since 2011, she has provided services to over 3,500 people in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Witnessing individuals overcome financial goals through their determination to change spending patterns coupled with witnessing their progress and success first-hand is what motivates Ms. Thomas to continue this important work.

As a Housing Counselor, she delivers effective one-on-one pre-purchase and rental counseling as well as group education on a range of topics. She enjoys working with clients in Howard County and she looks forward to assisting clients to become financially self-sufficient and help them reach their goals.

Clients often express that she “kept it real” and was creative in assisting them stay on track with accomplishing their goal/goals. Ms. LaJuan Thomas holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration from American National University. She is a HUD Certified Housing Counselor and has certifications for coaching, public speaking and home buyer education.

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