Samantha Bonney


Samantha Bonney is an ambitious and highly skilled recent graduate from Towson University, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication Management from Towson University, Ms. Bonney is a dedicated professional with a passion for leveraging effective communication and marketing strategies to drive positive change.

With a solid academic foundation and four years of hands-on experience as a freelance Social Media Manager and Video Editor, Ms. Bonney brings a wealth of expertise to her role at MakingChange. Her commitment to excellence and proficiency in creating impactful content has set her apart in the field.

In her role as a Social Media & Communication Intern, Ms. Bonney’s mission is to contribute to the betterment of the Howard County community by providing valuable insights on financial literacy and stability. Leveraging her communication and marketing skills, she aims to create content that deeply resonates with the community’s needs and pain points. Ms. Bonney’s goal is to empower individuals through education, helping them make informed decisions about their financial well-being.

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