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Coach’s Corner: Getting Your Financial House in Order

COACH’S CORNER Getting Your Financial House in Order It’s springtime and that means it’s time to freshen up your finances!  Here’s a checklist from our coaches to get started.  It’s all about makingCHANGE: Check credit score: Get a copy of your report free once a year  Check for inaccuracies. Hire estate planner: Review your will,… Continue Reading


Decades ago, my high school English teacher, Mrs. Vecchioni, used that word to define tenacity.  I liked the description – sticktoittiveness.  It suggested that there was real effort in the quest to achieve the goal.  Somehow, you knew with that description that there would be bumps in the road and the need for determination and… Continue Reading

Home(less) for the holidays…

by Lisa Jablonover, Volunteer at makingCHANGE November signals the beginning of the holiday season.  For many of us that means enjoying the warmth of family and friends, decorating our homes, and eating more pumpkin pie than we care to admit.  But for some of the homeless people in our area, the falling leaves signal falling… Continue Reading

Summer Fun with Money

During the summer, many families look for ways to keep their kids learning even when school is out.  Learning about money can be a great way to keep math skills sharp and develop some important life skills, too! Young Kids (K-2nd) Make money fun for young kids.  One summer, our family had a daily treasure… Continue Reading

Gift giving…cheapskate style.

With graduation and wedding season right around the corner, family and friends are faced once again with the challenge of finding just the right gift for the honoree.  But, with soaring gas and food prices, family budgets are tighter than ever.  So how can you give a great gift without breaking the bank?  Consider these ideas…… Continue Reading

Thanks and a Round Tuit for you?

First, let us give a great big THANKS to Duane at HoCoConnect for posting about the importance of financial literacy!  Since jumping into the blogosphere just a couple of months ago, Duane has done a fantastic job of shining a spotlight on a number of non-profit organizations doing great work in Howard County.  I always enjoy the… Continue Reading

Tax Wrap 2011

Another tax season is in the books and I’m wondering what the Liberty Tax guy that has been standing on the side of Route 40 for the past two months is doing today…  At one point a month or so ago, I rolled by with the window down and must have unintentionally had either the “are… Continue Reading

Politics, paychecks and being prepared…

Here in Maryland — and particularly in Howard County — the economic stability of our community would have been shaken to the core if there were a prolonged standoff. Just look around at your own friends and neighbors to count the number who are federal employees, contractors, or receive services that might be affected. How well would they (or you) be able to withstand a period of time without pay? And that got us to thinking… What can you do to be ready?
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Making Money Fun!

The Money Matters financial education event hosted by Council Chairman Ball on Saturday was a huge success.  The event grows every year and this year was nothing short of fantastic.  The hands on activities by each of the participating organizations were a hit with both kids and parents.  If you didn’t have a chance to… Continue Reading