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No foolin’…April is Financial Literacy Month in Howard County!

In a rare mid-week post, we couldn’t resist taking a moment to celebrate April’s arrival as financial literacy month.  We know that there are many who made that long since abandoned New Year’s resolution to improve their finances months ago.  Never fear – this is the time to get refocused!  First, let us highlight the AMAZING line… Continue Reading

Money Matters Event – Making a Difference!

“Income may feed people’s stomachs, but assets change their heads.” Michael Sherraden This is so true.  Families struggling with economic instability are often consumed with the earn it and spend it cycle.  They often find it difficult to set financial goals, let alone save for the future.  Building assets through saving seems a completely insurmountable challenge… Continue Reading

Which came first…the stressed out chicken, or the indebted egg? And, who’s paying the price?

Recently I was a little frustrated by a colleague who discounted the connection between personal health and financial health. In reality, the two are inextricably connected and we need to recognize the direct impact that indebtedness and economic insecurity have on health issues. I had been tossing around the idea of writing a post on… Continue Reading

Headline hooey…

Seems time to celebrate if you believed the headlines this week: “Families Slice Debt To Lowest In 6 Years”. (Wall Street Journal) “Households Grow 2.1 Trillion Richer”  (CNN Money)   You just can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside with a headline like that, right?  Hmmm — we’re skeptical.  We all know that despite some signs… Continue Reading

Were you born to be a spender???

Papa was a…  nope, not a rolling stone — he was a psychology major and has always been fascinated by human behavior.   The questions of nature versus nurture, and conditioned reflexes, were regular dinner conversation fodder growing up — and accented by the differences in the two kids around table.  There’s some amount of family lore that even suggests there may… Continue Reading

We’ve been inspired…

Back on Saturday, February 5th we were thrilled to share the day with over 200 teens and their families or mentors during the Passport to Financial Literacy event at Howard Community College.  Middle and high school students came out on a dreary Saturday morning to spend a couple hours in a financial simulation event created by local author,… Continue Reading

Teens and money…

Last Thursday we participated in Glenelg High School’s Money Management Day 2010.  What a great event for the juniors and seniors at GHS!  Interesting facts, too… Out of those we surveyed,  86% said that they get most of their information about money from their parents,  only 14% had access to a credit card yet, and… Continue Reading

April is Financial Literacy Month in Howard County!

On Monday, we were delighted to attend the April 2010 Howard County Council meeting to receive this proclamation declaring it Financial Literacy Month.  We were joined by colleagues in the presentation that have demonstrated a commitment to financial education in Howard County.  They included Valerie Gross and Katie George of the Howard County Public Library,… Continue Reading

What do pigs have to do with saving anyway?

Did you ever wonder why coin banks are shaped like pigs?  Honestly, why not a squirrel? At least they SAVE their nuts for winter.   Mice and beavers are known to do the same.  Ever heard of a beaver bank?  Actually, the piggy bank was just a big misunderstanding.  Here’s what we found… “During the Middle… Continue Reading

Keeping an eye on the prize…changing behaviors

Check out our article in the February 2010 issue of the the Business Monthly.  This month we’re talking about how financial education programs can be more effective if the behavioral change process is considered.  See the article: Financial Counseling Helps Nonprofit Clients Make Lasting Changes Then, join us at the Association for Community Services on… Continue Reading