Coach’s Corner: Getting Your Financial House in Order


Getting Your Financial House in Order
It’s springtime and that means it’s time to freshen up your finances!  Here’s a checklist from our coaches to get started.  It’s all about makingCHANGE:

Check credit score: Get a copy of your report free once a year  Check for inaccuracies.

Hire estate planner: Review your will, powers of attorney and insurance needs.  This is especially important if you’ve had changes in your financial responsibilities.
A djust budget: Review last year’s expenses.  Looking at where you’d hoped to spend and save versus where your money went can help you reprioritize and set realistic goals.
Negotiate monthly bills: Review recurring expenses (cell phone, internet, utilities).  Check with competitors for the best deals. Ask your current service providers to match the competition, allowing you to save money without interrupting service.
Get organized: Track monthly expenses and find out where your money really goes. At the end of the month, evaluate areas where you can save and set those savings aside.
Evaluate savings goals: Review your savings, investment and retirement accounts.  Challenge yourself to put more away. Use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to make it automatic.
Keep on top of these tips, and your finances will bloom!

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