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MakingChange Hosts Financial Wellness Events

Due to the coronavirus, all events will be held virtually via an online platform.

MakingChange continues to deliver financial education and coaching with our community partners.  Check out the upcoming sessions that we have scheduled:

Are you interested in buying a home but you aren’t sure where to start? This is the class for you! Join us as we discuss budget, credit, debt managing, finding your new home and getting approved for a mortgage.  This is a HUD-approved pre-purchase group education course that may qualify you for down payment and closing cost assistance programs.  Participants must attend both sessions in order to receive a certificate.

Homebuyer Education – Part 1
Homebuyer Education – Part 2
Monday Money Movie Night!
Become a Smart Investor learning about investing basics and planning while making changes that will set up on the course to financial freedom.  Be sure that you are budgeting or on a spending plan that will help you to be disciplined and aware of each item alongside your income and expenses.  Is it time for a change? What small change can you make today that will assist you in  your money missions for tomorrow? If you are unsure about answers to these questions and want to learn more, this free workshop is for you!


Fall into Fixing Your Finances: Demolishing Debt & Building Credit Worthiness

October 23rd, 9:30-11am

What actions are you taking today to secure your financial future? Credit, debt, productive financial behaviors and preparing for the future are a few of the things we must assess as you think about your stance and work to improve your credit worthiness.  Managing debt and working to pay down or pay off debt is an important piece of the puzzle to creating a healthy credit position.  By determining what needs to be fixed in your financial picture and dedicating yourself to working on one item at a time until you have mastered putting the tools into practice, you will be able to successfully tackle each credit item to help make your financial picture brighter! If you want to learn more about how to tackle your debt and build a strong credit report, join us for this free workshop!


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