Free Tax Preparation Assistance

Free Tax Prep Assitance - MakingChange

If you’re unsure how to do your taxes, have specific questions, or want to be sure you’re completing the forms correctly, MakingChange can guide you.

You’re eligible to meet with one of our IRS-certified volunteers if you earn $58,000 or less annually. It’s a great alternative to companies that charge you for advice, not just because our help is free but also because we make it a personal experience. Our volunteers spend time with you to learn about your specific tax situation, and with a one-on-one connection they can provide customized assistance.

Preparing your taxes can be confusing, so we offer guidance in plain language that’s easy to understand. We’re going to make you feel comfortable that you are filing your taxes accurately and even can help you if you haven’t filed in a while or if you owe back taxes. Clients trust us and come back year after year. So do our volunteers, because they love what they do!

The VITA Site for the 2022 tax year opens on Monday, January 30, 2023!

The MakingChange Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) opens on January 30th and we are now accepting appointments! If you have received your required tax documents and you are ready to scheduled your appointment, please send an email to and we will provide time slots that are available.  

The tax site is located at the MultiService Center located at 9900 Washington Boulevard, Laurel, MD., 20723.  We are an appointment ONLY site and will not accept walk ins.  The site is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 – 7:30pm and Saturday from 10am – 2:30pm.  

 If you have questions about the VITA program with MakingChange, Inc. and/or are interested in volunteering for this tax season, please send us an email at 

We are here to help you and look forward to serving the Howard County community for the 2022 tax season!

What you should be prepared to provide to a Tax Preparer:

I have always enjoyed the challenge of preparing my own taxes each year. In 2011, I started volunteering at VITA with MakingChange and helping families in Howard County complete their tax forms. It is such a win-win and a delight to see the smiles and appreciation of our VITA clients as this yearly task is finished.

Learn more about our free tax preparation services by
calling us at (443) 518-7647 or completing our Contact form.

Please visit this page in December for information about scheduling an appointment with one of our volunteers.

Would you like to become a volunteer? Learn about volunteering with MakingChange.