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For more than a decade, MakingChange has been helping people create their own financial success stories through educational programs that are user-friendly and meaningful. We work with the best financial and educational institutions to assemble content around a wide array of money topics that touch the lives of people of all ages and income levels.

Founded by former Howard Community College President Dwight Burrill and his daughter, Michelle Glassburn, MakingChange began with credit counseling programs and services. We soon saw a larger need for financial education. To meet that need, in November of 2001, we changed our focus to developing and delivering financial wellness programs.

Today MakingChange offers Group Seminars, Personal Financial Coaching, Online Courses, Free Tax Preparation, and Housing Counseling. Our clients are human service organizations, government agencies and area businesses that want to advance the financial skills of their clients and employees.

MakingChange is a nonprofit organization and does not sell financial products.