Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan


A community that promotes healthy financial behaviors.


Empower individuals and families to achieve financial stability.

Our Values

Opportunity: Enable everyone to achieve their own financial success story.

Innovation: Embrace new ideas and best practices.

Collaboration: Work together with other groups to benefit our community.

Results: Achieve measurable outcomes that reduce the stress that many feel about money.

Empathy: Listen well and understand the client’s perspective.

Our Goal Statement and Strategies

  1. Programs: Provide programs that guide people to achieve their personal financial goals.
    1. Provide a comprehensive financial coaching program with a focus on goal-setting and achieving one’s own financial success story in light of their current financial situation (whether planning, event-driven crisis, etc.)
    2. Provide pathways to comprehensive coaching through:
      1. Free Tax Prep and Other Financial Services – with a focus on providing free services to jumpstart participation in other programs and behavioral change
      2. Trainings and Events – with a focus on providing access to information, raising awareness and opening up access (put out the welcome mat) to those in need of services
      3. Direct, Targeted Educational Seminars with a focus on providing general knowledge and tools for planning and prevention
    3. Within all programs outlined above, enhance use of technology to effectively deliver, evaluate and, if applicable, expand reach.
  2. Partnerships: Collaborate with government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations.
    1. Strengthen partnerships with human service organizations.
    2. Engage employers, local government, and others who are affected by the decisions of those who are struggling financially to build support for the direct benefits of changing behavior.
    3. Use technology to improve referrals, strengthen communication among agencies and partners, enhance access to programs by clients, potentially develop new training tools, and conduct program evaluation.
  3. Sustainability: Ensure that MakingChange has the systems, processes, procedures, and resources needed to maximize its impact.
    1. Create a three-year financial plan that includes annual revenue & expense projections that align with this strategic plan to include revenue raising tactics and staffing requirements.
    2. Create a communications/marketing plan to assure that there is alignment with this strategic plan, particularly in fund development and outreach to prospective clients.
    3. Assure that staff and volunteers are well trained/certified and have the tools they need.
    4. Define a more repeatable service delivery model.
    5. Use technology to create databases for clients and donors; evaluation; and any other organizational needs.