Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan


Our vision is a community where everyone has access to the financial education and the resources required to attain their personal financial goals and become self-sufficient.


Our mission is to develop and deliver financial education programs that empower individuals to achieve their own financial success stories through educational programs that encourage lasting behavioral change.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal #1:  Financial Self-Sufficiency

MakingChange will cultivate revenue in order to balance revenues and expenses, provide essential financial wellness services to low-income families who lack the resources to afford them, and provide staff with fair compensation.

Strategic Goal #2:  Program Development and Enhancement:

MakingChange seeks to incorporate standards and practices that deliver exceptional activities/outcomes.

Strategic Goal #3:  Enhance Employee and Volunteer Staffing

MakingChange will develop a stable, highly qualified and motivated workforce that actively delivers the organization’s mission.

Strategic Goal #4:  Information Technology, Data Management & Online Services

MakingChange recognizes technology as an essential tool to effectively advance its work and maintain a leading edge in the financial wellness marketplace.

Strategic Goal #5:  Board Development and Governance

The Board is committed to the active, informed and independent oversight of MakingChange’s business affairs and of senior management.