Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling - MakingChange

Housing is typically a family’s most expensive budget item each month. Whether you are trying to manage your housing costs, feeling like you are falling behind, facing eviction or saving for a home, MakingChange can help you.

The first step is looking at your current housing situation and learning your goals. Then we’ll make a budget that includes all of your monthly expenses. Are there places in your budget where you can trim costs that will allow you to better afford your current housing? Are you making enough money to move up to a larger apartment? Can you set aside funds each month to save for a home? Whatever you aspire to, together we’ll figure it out.

As part of our free housing counseling, we can help you to repair your credit by creating a monthly plan for paying down the debt you have. We’ll teach you how to improve your credit rating, which makes you attractive to landlords and mortgage lenders.

If you are someone in a situation where it is still a challenge to pay your rent even when you are spending responsibly, you aren’t alone. It’s a common experience. We have close relationships with community resources and social services organizations and can refer you to organizations that provide assistance for making housing more affordable.

For resources specific to eviction prevention due to reduced or lost income due to the coronavirus, see our page COVID-19 and Your Finances.

This is by far the first money workshop that I understood every piece of information that was being given. I learned more in-depth knowledge about what is considered debt-to-income ratio and how that affects a mortgage lender’s perspective of your buying power.

Contact us to learn about our individual counseling services, along with webinars and workshops about topics like preparing financially for owning a home, obtaining a mortgage, and programs to help first-time homebuyers.

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