MakingChange Participates in County Executive Ball’s Housing News Conference 4-20-2023

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball today announced historic investments in several housing initiatives, many of which are aimed at increasing affordable homeownership for moderate-income households. Ball’s total investment of $16.5 million is towards the Housing Opportunities Trust Fund, homeownership and rehabilitation programs, and rental assistance. Read the full story and/or watch the video below.

Making Change’s Jasmine Brewer

“During times that are challenging and often debilitating for individuals and families facing difficult times, it may be easy to forget that they, too, are human and need help to help them get back on track. This continued funding for rental assistance will help keep Howard County residents housed in safe and stable conditions,” said Jasmine Brewer, Executive Director of MakingChange. “As a HUD-approved counseling agency, MakingChange not only assists families with rental assistance, but we educate and empower them on how to get back on track financially. This additional funding will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.”