Making Money Fun!

The Money Matters financial education event hosted by Council Chairman Ball on Saturday was a huge success.  The event grows every year and this year was nothing short of fantastic.  The hands on activities by each of the participating organizations were a hit with both kids and parents.  If you didn’t have a chance to attend, check out the pictures on the library’s flickr stream at:

We offered a scavenger hunt for kids at the fair this year – and thought you might enjoy testing your money trivia skills on a few questions.  Might be a fun way to celebrate Financial Literacy Month at the dinner table with the kids tonight!

1) Which President’s face is on the dime?

2) What building is on the back of the nickel?

3) What materials are used to make a one dollar bill?

4) Where are U. S. coins made?

5) Where is the best place to keep your money?

6) The amount you pay to borrow money is called…

7) Where did the piggy bank get its name?

8 ) A U.S. $1 bill usually lasts how long in circulation?

9) According to history, the first banks and loans were recorded in what century?

10) Who made the first credit card?

11) All U.S. bills (any dollar value) weigh the same.  How much?

12) How many out of every 10,000 U.S. bills are counterfeit?

13) On an original Monopoly game board, what is the total value of all the property? (No houses or hotels.)

14) How many times does the phrase “The United States of America” appear on a $100 bill? (Note this is the pre-2010 issue of the $100)

15) True or False? It costs more than a penny to create a penny at the mint.

16) The highest value U.S. bill currently printed is the….

Answers here: Money Trivia Answer Key

So how did you do??? 


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