Personal Financial Counseling

Personal Financial Counseling - MakingChange

MakingChange provides free and confidential financial counseling and education for individuals and families.

Money plays a major role in our lives — where we live, what we can buy, and even how we feel about ourselves. Money can also be very personal. Our counselors listen without judgement and offer their guidance with compassion. Together we’ll create a plan that puts you on the right track. You can work with our counselors for as long as needed. Oftentimes, a client may meet with us just once. For example, comparing their household expenses to their income to put a budget in place. Other clients work with us over time to meet longer-term goals, such as repairing their credit or even buying a home. If you’re experiencing a sudden financial crisis, we can work with you to put a recovery plan in place. We can also refer you to community resources for assistance with rent, utilities and food. For resources specific to the coronavirus, see our page COVID-19 and Your Finances.

No matter what your goal, we can help you to achieve it:

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