Seminars Available for Agencies and Businesses

MakingChange seminars are available to the clients and employees of human service agencies in Central Maryland, as well as employees of local businesses.

The seminars teach comprehensive financial management skills in a user-friendly and meaningful practical way. Each presentation may last up to two hours and could include handouts, quizzes and other materials.

Seminar topics include but not limited to the following:

  • Where Did My Money Go – an exploratory course covering budgeting, saving and ways to increase income and reduce expenses
  • Understanding Credit – includes information on establishing and using credit, as well as understanding credit reports and scores
  • Your Job and Your Money – a practical class on the tools for acquiring a job and the necessary financial skills associated with managing your income
  • Investing Basics – a primer on the jargon of investing and the many alternatives to consider
  • Planning for Retirement – it’s not just about money but many other considerations as well
  • Preparing for Tax Time – a practical discussion centering around deductions and credits to include the EITC and implications of the Affordable Care Act
  • Financial Forum – a lively and engaging Q&A about the financial issues you most want to discuss

To schedule a seminar for your organization, call 410-313-0239 or email

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