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Group Seminars and Webinars - MakingChange

MakingChange delivers customized, relevant and timely financial education to a range of organizations and the people they serve or employ.

Depending on the needs of your organization, we are flexible in the ways we will present to your group: in-person seminars, webinars (live or recorded), virtual or in-person counseling in group settings, or in-person workshops. Because we are a nonprofit, we provide education that is objective and we are not promoting a particular product or service. Our programs are presented at no charge to the individuals and at a low cost to the hosting organization or business.

How We Benefit Your Organization

Employers: It’s been shown that reducing the financial stress on employees can have a direct effect on the bottom line: fewer mental distractions, reduced absenteeism and greater personal satisfaction. The employers we work with include for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, institutions/facilities and county agencies.

Social services organizations: Our goals align with yours. Together we can help your constituents get back on their feet, get ahead and become independent of county and state resources. We can provide education and counseling to your employees as well.

Community organizations: Financial education is one more way you can give your clients — and your own employees — the tools to live a better life.

Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities: Many studies have shown a link between wealth and health, including a decrease in the risk of obesity, smoking, hypertension and asthma. Providing free financial education as a health service to the community connects your goals to our goals and helps improve the lives of the community’s residents. Our programs are available to your employees as well.

Colleges/Technical Schools/High Schools: Get your students headed in the right direction during their early days of financial independence. We introduce them to basic banking knowledge, budgeting skills and how to use credit cards wisely. Ask us about similar programs for your employees.

We Offer a Wide Range of Topics

MakingChange's Roy Yenoli at Howard Community Collage with the Silas Craft Scholars.
MakingChange's Roy Yenoli at Howard Community Collage with the Silas Craft Scholars.

Would your audience be interested in another aspect of financial wellbeing?

We can work with you to create a seminar for what matters to them most — car buying, home buying, selecting insurance, preparing for retirement, financial planning for parenthood, and more.

Simply let us know. Call us at (443) 518-7650 or click below.