Successful Tax Season for MakingChange

The MakingChange Tax Prep Crew.

MakingChange had a very successful tax season.

Making Change’s 24 volunteers prepared 453 tax returns, up from 345 last year, and garnered refunds of more than $600,000 for their clients who received the service free of charge. Nearly 80 percent of the clients who electronically filed their 2015 return received a net refund. The tax preparers tallied over 1,000 hours at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) site at the MultiService Center in North Laurel. There were 159 clients who returned from previous years to have their tax returns completed by MakingChange again.

One highlight of this year’s season was the single mother who received a significant refund and was able to buy a house, pay bills and take her children on a vacation for the first time in 31 years.

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