Thanks and a Round Tuit for you?

First, let us give a great big THANKS to Duane at HoCoConnect for posting about the importance of financial literacy!  Since jumping into the blogosphere just a couple of months ago, Duane has done a fantastic job of shining a spotlight on a number of non-profit organizations doing great work in Howard County.  I always enjoy the chance to connect with Duane — he is easy-going, thoughtful and reflective while at the same time full of energy and great ideas.  He is a runner, a thinker, a grandpa, a neighbor, an advocate and so much more.  If you ever get the opportunity to have coffee with him, take it.  You’ll come away better for it.  And while you’re there, ask him about his commitment to working to provide opportunities for youth aging out of foster care.  His dedication to the effort is nothing short of inspiring.

Next — our school system’s Academy of Finance program is looking for a few good businesses out there who might be willing to offer a summer position to a business student.  I serve on the community board for the program and we have 5 teens who have not yet been placed in jobs.  The Academy of Finance program is an intensive 2 year high school program for juniors and seniors looking to jumpstart their career in business.  The students take a series of classes (truly college-level material) in economics, banking, accounting, marketing and international finance. 

In the summer after their junior year, the students are expected to obtain a paid internship experience at a local business.  In this economy, it’s tough to come by those paid jobs though.  The internship should be 180 hours at minimum wage (or higher) — a total cost of just over $1,300 or so for the host business.  Check out what local law firm Davis, Agnor, Rappaport and Skalny said about their 2010 intern DARSLAW.

Our remaining five students have expressed strong interest in working with firms in the areas of:  law, marketing, accounting and finance.  All have indicated that getting experience with general business work would be helpful too.  So really any local organization could provide a perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of business.  I’m attaching the flyer with the contact information for the instructor of the Academy of Finance program. Flyer for Internships2011

If you have some pesky projects and no sign of getting a RoundTuit… perhaps working with one of these students this summer might be just the ticket. 


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